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July 5, 2009   

   There was discussion about when and where the next two trail rides will be held. It was brought to a vote and decided that the July 11th trail ride would be held at Eminence, member can meet at the Licking Rodeo Grounds at 8am and Mr. McGuire has agreed to be our trail guide. Everyone is welcome to join us and encouraged to bring a sack lunch.       

     It was discussed that we are limited on funds as well as recourses which make us unable to host a fun show on July 18th, which also conflicts with the Houston fair, thus it was brought to a vote and agreed upon to cancel the July fun show. We also brought to a vote and agreed that we host a trail ride on Aug 8th and a fun show Aug 22nd. The trail ride was voted to be held at the 4-J trail ride area. The members are welcome to meet at the Licking Rodeo Grounds at 2pm and Mr. McGuire has agreed to be our trail guide. We will have a pot luck dinner with hot dogs and an open flam. We encourage everyone to join us and bring sides and condiments. Furthermore the fun show on Aug 22nd will be held at the Licking Rodeo Grounds. There will be 9 classes of competition with 4 classes broke in to divisions and 3 classes broke into lead line divisions. There will be a concession stand running. Gate admissions fees are $2 per person, $2 per horse/rider per class and $10 per horse/rider per day. 

    Last order of business was a meeting change, it was brought to a vote and agreed upon that all meeting will be held on the second Sunday of each month at 4pm. Feel free to contact us with any questions.



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